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Access the CloudLink Gateway

Tips, tricks and support

To properly associate a Gateway with a new customer account on the CloudLink platform, the CloudLink Gateway Portal must be accessed the first time as indicated below.
  • For standalone platforms, which have an external Gateway, the Portal must be accessed the first time by connecting to the Gateway from the same LAN subnet.
  • For SMBC platforms, which have an embedded Gateway, the Portal must be accessed the first time from the SMB Controller Manager.
After a customer has been associated with a Gateway, you can access the CloudLink Gateway Portal to manage customers in the following different ways:

The CloudLink Gateway Portal works with the latest versions of the following supported browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
Note: Internet Explorer (IE) does not properly display pages in the CloudLink Gateway Portal.

Update Progress

When you connect your browser to the Gateway appliance, if the Gateway is still downloading updates, a 'system update in progress' message is displayed.
If your browser loses connection to the Gateway during an update, a 'Lost Connection to Gateway' message is displayed.
If there is an error while downloading the update, an Update Error message is displayed.
If your Gateway is rebooted, you may see a brief display of a "Lost trunk connection to PBX" message.
For more detailed information, see the Gateway Appliance Software Update topic.

CloudLink Policy

To enable personnel to log into the CloudLink Gateway Portal via Mitel MiAccess, the CloudLink 'policy' must be assigned to individual users (or as part of a bundle) by a Partner Administrator through the Mitel MiAccess user management portal. Please refer to the MiAccess Admin manual for additional information.

Port information 

The following table lists the ports that must be opened in the firewall when you configure CloudLink Gateway and the purpose the ports serve.
NTP 123
This port is used for clock synchronization between networks.
TCP 443
This port is used to connect REST APIs to the following hosts:
TCP 5061
This port is used to connect SIP phones on Media Services to the following hosts:
Preferably, specify the hosts by using the wildcards media.*, and media.*
UDP 3478 and UDP 3479
These ports are used to connect to the STUN service at
Media Ports
These ports are automatically opened by the firewall for incoming RTP packets by pinhole punching.

Portal Access for Standalone Platforms

Associate Gateway with a Customer by Connecting to Gateway

To associate an external Gateway with a customer account in the CloudLink platform, the CloudLink Gateway Portal should be accessed by connecting a supported browser to the Gateway at http://cloudlink.local/. This needs to be done from a computing device located on the same LAN subnet as the CloudLink Gateway Portal. Unless the Gateway is currently being updated, the browser redirects to the CloudLink Gateway Portal login page. In the login page, click the MiAccess button. In the Mitel MiAccess login page that appears, enter your MiAccess credentials and click the Login button. After a successful login, your name and avatar are displayed in the upper-right corner of the interface.
The first time you connect to the Gateway (from the same LAN subnet), type the http:// prefix explicitly in the browser's address bar as shown below:
http://cloudlink.local  or  http://ip.address.of.gateway
This is an important step that only needs to be done once. A browser normally stores this information to make future connections to the Gateway.
You can use Apple Bonjour software to locate the Gateway when you connect from the LAN. Apple Bonjour software, which is compatible with the CloudLink Gateway, is a zero-configuration networking technology that locates devices such as printers and other computers, and the services that those devices provide on a local network subnet. You can download and install Apple Bonjour Print Services for Windows at

Portal Access for SMBC Platforms

Associating an embedded Gateway with a new customer account on the CloudLink platform must be done via the SMB Controller Manager. For instructions, see the Access Application Configuration Link section of the Configure MiVO400 on SMBC Platform topic.

Portal Access for All Platforms

The following two additional ways to access the CloudLink Gateway Portal apply to both standalone platforms (with external Gateway) and SMBC platforms (with embedded Gateway):

Access the CloudLink Gateway Portal via Mitel MiAccess Portal

To perform maintenance on a customer account already associated with a Gateway, access the CloudLink Gateway Portal by logging in to the Mitel MiAccess Portal using your MiAccess credentials. In the MiAccess Portal home page, CloudLink Gateway Portal will be listed on the left side of the site, if the CloudLink policy has been assigned to you. Click CloudLink Gateway Portal. The Gateway Portal opens and the Partner Dashboard is displayed.

Access the CloudLink Gateway Portal via Direct Access

A Mitel Partner or an administrative user of a customer account can access the CloudLink Gateway Portal directly at


For information about logging in to the Gateway portal directly, see Log in to CloudLink Gateway Portal.